Monday, March 13, 2017

Almost a Dog

This world, I think, is very much in need of more puppies. People, when we are out, still recognize the puppy in Murphy, even if at thirty-eight pounds, she is starting to look more like a dog. They take a step, hesitate with a silly grin. I can tell, they want so much to pet her. The red service vest stops them. When I tell them she is "in training" and touching her would actually help us in training, I can only say it is a relief that seems to wash over them and they come forward. When you have a puppy with you, there are no strangers.

The ownership of a dog connects us, and I hear about their favorite dogs. They start slowly asking questions. And it is then that I realize that even if Murphy never alerts consistently, she has already performed a service to the diabetic community. Her presence gives me a platform to discuss Type 1 Diabetes and how a dog like Murphy can help. I spend many hours (usually waiting for William as he works out at the gym) educating people about T1D. She is an ambassador in her own right.

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