Tuesday, March 14, 2017

When The Dog's Opinion Carries More Weight

Murphy came up over the seat to bite at William sitting in the front passenger seat. She was insistent even after he loudly said, "NO!". Quickly, I told him that he could not react that way. He turned and changed his tone, thanking her and saying he was going to fix it. She didn't settle down until he pulled out his meter and tested. He was 48 mg/dL. Granted, her technique needs a little fine tuning but her message was received: "You, Boy, are low!"

The fitness bug has bitten my teenager and he has increased his working out routine while lowering his carbohydrate intake. Good for him, you might say! Each small change has the potential to completely change daily management of this beast of a disease. Basal programs written for a boy that likes pizza and video games don't work for a boy with a daily 1.5 to 2 hour work out and much fewer carbs. I've had little sleep this week and lots of lows.

Dexcom? Oh, yes, the Dexcom was working. Doing training with Murphy in the lobby of the gym, I texted boy when I saw he was dropping like a rock. "I'm fine." Repeating the message got me no where. While dropping from his high of 270 due to a ran-out-of-insulin pod change is a good thing, you have to stop it around 150 for this boy and in our experience. Turning off basal isn't enough. It seems cell phone vibrations from frantic text messages from your mom can't be felt while lifting weights. 

So back in the car, the dog got across the message that mom was unable to. She is a puppy that sometimes wreaks havoc. She annoys the cats and my old dog. She tore up my one year old bonsai tree project. She saved my boy. 

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