Wednesday, March 1, 2017


The storms were just letting up when I took Murphy out to "do her business" this morning. It was lightly raining and I could hear thunder in the distance. After going #1, it is her routine to find the perfect spot for #2 but she pulled me towards the door. I was surprised because she knows the routine and hasn't before shown an aversion to a bit of rain.

Reluctantly, knowing I'd have to take her again, I shut the door after taking her inside. The moment the door shut, lightning hit somewhere in my front yard. KA-BOOM!!  I could see various colors through the door window, but being shorter than the window, not where it hit. So now, she is also a "you are about to get struck by lightning" alert dog.

The power had been out when I woke up. Despite a feeble attempt by William to say he could not now do his (Internet-based) homework, he and I headed with Murphy to the library. Well, first, we needed to eat, so despite the "ick" factor for me, we headed to William's choice of restaurant, Aw-ful House. Let's just say that under the table at Aw-ful House is not the best place for a SDiT (service dog in training) due to the difficulty in ignoring the bounty of droppings. Still, she did okay.

The library was the perfect spot to relax. She was socialized some, soothing a crying toddler who wanted very badly to go to McDonald's for an ice cream and to play instead of sit by her studying mama. Murphy mostly slept a great deal of the time, and I got to read my Smithsonian magazine and find out what happened to all those people years ago on Greenland! (Fascinating - you should read it here.)

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